Mahogany wood (African Mahogany)

The species commonly known as “African Mahogany” refers to Khaya Ivorensis, a type of wood that grows in Western Africa and it is known for its deep rich color. Mahogany is highly sourced for in the western world and it has been exclusively sourced from Central and South America. However, supplies from these regions began to dwindle due to poorly managed logging practices, hence industrial buyers began to search for an alternative.

African Mahogany is a manufacturers dream wood because it is easy to machine and carve. For this reason, over the years, the popularity of African Mahogany has experienced an increase in demand as its become popular as an exterior wood for yacht manufacturers, door manufacturers, window manufacturers, cabinet manufacturers, and furniture makers due to its exceptional moisture, rot resistance, durability and ease of machining and its deep, rich color.

Our inventory has large supply of African Mahogany wood in stock in different variety of width, thickness and length to suit the buyers’ specification.

Teak wood (African Teak)

African Teak wood when freshly machined is known for its lovely golden brown color which is due to its long exposure to sun and air which is why Teak is so prized. When freshly milled, Teak shows many colors, but after its exposure to air and sun, it turns into a lovely golden brown color.

African Teak is widely sought after for boat decking applications because of its consistent appearance, strength and ease of matching across a wider surface. Due to the sandy soil the African Teak wood grows in, it has a high natural silica content which impregnates the fibers of the wood and makes it nearly waterproof. Hence, in order to get a high silica content, WoodTec only sources its wood from West Africa. Adding to Teak’s natural water resistance are the wood’s natural oils, which do double duty as natural insect repellents.

Once milled, Teak holds its shape extremely well, and that stability makes it such an attractive wood for yacht builders, as well as for other builders whose materials must perform under harsh conditions and within tight tolerances.

If you have inquiry regarding either Mahogany and Teak for your next project, call us today at Woodtech to speak with one of our lumber sales representatives. We provide different varieties of sizes and thicknesses to suit our customers’ needs.


We are a specialist supplier of fine and rare species of timber from West Africa rainforest that are essential and desirable to special crafts. We are one the largest supplier of African Mahogany, African Teak wood, Cedar wood, Mansonia wood, Melina wood which are used for bespoke furniture, yachts and many other crafts.

Why are we different?

As direct importers we have testing and storage facilities in Banja Luka, Republic of Srpska /Bosnia & Herzegovina.  This allows us to verify and certify the quality of our different timbers. For this reason, Woodtech has been able to carve a niche for itself as we have mastered the art of organization and procurement of quality products at competitive prices to enable to offer superior value preposition to the customers in terms of quality cargoes, timely shipments, market intelligence and tailor-made risk management solutions.


It is also very important to us to know where our wood comes from and how it was harvested for sustainability reasons. Our procurement team comply with government regulations, as it is imperative we stay on top of it to ensure we import our timber legally to protect our customers who purchase from us.